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CORONA DS-929MG Digital Metal Servo/12.5g

CORONA DS-929MG Digital Metal Servo/12.5g
Part No.: SO-DS-929MG
Manufacturer: CORONA

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Why Digital Servo:
Electronic helicopters are widespread in this era and more accurate control is needed. Therefore, standard servos with logical chip are no longer suitable. A lot of servos of different volume and weight come out in today’s model market. Though they have higher rotational speeds and torque, they don’t have those characteristics of digital servos’:
 Higher resolution
The tightest dead band
Accurate positioning
Faster control response
Quicker acceleration
Constant torque throughout the servos travel
Increased holding power when stationary

Product Details

Operating voltage range
Operating temperature range -20'c to +60'c
Operating speed 0.12sec/60' degree
Stall torque
Standing torque hold out @ 5'
Running current 200mA/60° no load
FDead band width ≤3mS
Operating travel 40' /one side pulse traveling 400S
Motor type cored metal brush
Potentiometer type 2 slider/direct drive
Dimensions 22.5x11.5x24.6mm(0.89x0.45x0.97)"
Weight 12.5g
Ball bearing MR85
Gear material metal
Connector wire length 215mm(8.46in)
Connector wire stand counter 24
Connector wire gauge 28AWG 

Item Packing

-CORONA DS-929MG Digital Metal Servo/12.5g x 1

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