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CORONA12.5g/2.5kg/.14 sec Digital Metal Servo/DS-939MG

CORONA12.5g/2.5kg/.14 sec Digital Metal Servo/DS-939MG
Part No.: SO-DS-939MG
Manufacturer: CORONA

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Why Digital Servo:
Electronic helicopters are widespread in this era and more accurate control is needed. Therefore, standard servos with logical chip are no longer suitable. A lot of servos of different volume and weight come out in today’s model market. Though they have higher rotational speeds and torque, they don’t have those characteristics of digital servos’:
 Higher resolution
The tightest dead band
Accurate positioning
Faster control response
Quicker acceleration
Constant torque throughout the servos travel
Increased holding power when stationary

Product Details

Weight:12.5 Grams / 0.44 oz   
Size:22.5 x 11.5 x 24.6 mm / 0.88 x 0.45 x 0.97 inches   
Torque At 4.8V:35 oz in   
Speed At 4.8V:0.14 sec / 60 deg   
Ball Bearing:Yes   
Metal Gears:Yes   

Item Packing

-CORONA 12.5g/ 2.5kg/ .14 sec Digital Metal Servo/DS-939MG x 1

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