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Electric Helicopter Bag For 500

Electric Helicopter Bag For 500
Part No.: wing-bag4
Manufacturer: Feixiang

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Helicopter Bag:This product is specially designed for 500 helicopters with unique apperance, fine workmanship and good light.
The outer layer is made of advanced environmentally- friendly materials, fast and waterproof. The coating is laminated with crash foam and thick bottom, reducing shock and providing excellent protection for the helicopter.
It is portable and can be slung. The bag is fully utilized , except for a 500 helicopter, it can also put a spare main rotor and a variety of tools.
There are three small bag outside, respectively, a remote control bags are suitable for a variety of remote control device, the bags with Velcro design, close to the air bags outside for easy disassembly,and the other two can be placed batteries and miscellaneous objects(not removable).
Elastic band can be used to fix a number of batteries and other flying items.

Product Details

Helicopter Bag:     Length 115CM  Width 98CM Height 38CM
Remote control Bag:  Length  20CM Width 8CM  Height 23CM

Item Packing

Electric Helicopter Bag For 500  Helicopter

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