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Magic Mirror Helicopter Optical Tachometer RCD3063

Magic Mirror Helicopter Optical Tachometer RCD3063
Part No.: BT-030
Manufacturer: Feixiang

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-RCD3063 mirror optical speedometer also called optical electronic shutter speed table, which is a kind of synchronous speed list, it is to use the human eye vision for a combination of high-tech electronic shutter effect of static object technology observation like apparatus, when electronic shutter and object to be tested in the same exercise frequency open and shut, users through the magic mirror speedometer point of window see of the static object to be tested, and at the time of the show is the actual speed rotating speed of the object.

Product Details

- RPM measurement range: 800 -4200RPM
- 4-digit LCD screen display
- Accuracy: +/-1 RPM
- 10 Level aperture adjustment
- Ultra-wide viewing angle
- High-speed electronic shutter
- Measurement remotely and non-contact
- Simultaneous measurement of five sets of RPM
- Super bright and stroboscopic light, which is suitable for dim indoor environment
- It can measure RPM for tiny objects
- Shut off automatically after no operation for 30 seconds
- Power supply: CR2032/LIR2032 button battery
- Operating battery drain: 3mA
- Idle drain: 10uA
- Lower battery alarm

- RPM main rotor measurement for all kinds of helicopters
- Calibrate timing belt
- The speed measurement of vehicles with wheels
- Dynamic balancing calibration for flywheels
- Vibration frequency measurements

Item Packing

-Magic Mirror Helicopter Optical Tachometer RCD3063 x 1

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