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DJI FlameWheel F450 kit

DJI FlameWheel F450 kit
Part No.: FWF450
Manufacturer: DJI

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Attention! The frame set to an empty frame, do not contain any electronic equipment and propeller, etc!
* lever PA66 + 30 gf of ultra high strength material, resistant, resistant to impact.
* equipped with high strength composite PCB circuit boards, electrical attachment more fast, safe, power supply, etc.
* the optimization design for various flight control system and accessories to provide adequate installation space.
* red and white two kinds of lever for the user to choose color is tie-in, make your flight more dazzle beautiful and colorful.

Product Details

-DJI FlameWheel F450 kit

Item Packing

-4 x dazzle colour lever
-1 x on the panel
-1 x panel
-1 x screw package

Detailed Images