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DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter Higher Payload w/ H3-2D GoPro Zenmuse Gimbal FPV Like Vision

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter Higher Payload w/ H3-2D GoPro Zenmuse Gimbal FPV Like Vision
Manufacturer: DJI
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DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter Higher Payload w/ H3-2D GoPro Zenmuse Gimbal FPV Like Vision
The Phantom 2 is DJI's all newest Phantom version. It is similar to the DJI Phantom 2 Vision (which goes for more than double the price) but without the Wi-Fi camera. Great for those looking to use the worlds top selling quadcopter for non-photography purposes or with the GoPro/other cameras.
The Phantom 2 comes with FPV flying and Aerial Photography capability right out of the box. Hardware mounting and software tuning are all carried out by DJI prior to delivery, meaning all you need to do is attach the propellers, charge the battery, and put 4 x AA batteries into the transmitter and your ready to fly. Additional improvements to the original Phantom include a higher payload, built-in intelligent battery, H3-2D Gimbal (included) support, and other amazing functions.

Product Details

- Out of the box support for the DJI H3-2D Gimbal (included) without the need to buy any installation kits. The Gimbal allows for better camera stabilization than the included GoPro mount as well as user pitch control while flying.
- Functions of the Phantom 2 can be expanded through its Can-bus module which can be used for an IOS or 2.4GHz Bluetooth Datalink.
- Preinstalled AV output and video-downlink power cables allows for simple upgrading to FPV (First Person View)
- Integrated GPS auto-pilot system offers position holding, altitude lock, and a stable hovering for amazing camera focus.
- High capacity/performance 5200mAH intelligent lithium polymer battery offers up to 25 minutes of flight time, with battery capacity data and overcharge/discharge protection

- If the Phantom 2 and its controller disconnect during flight for any reason, the Naza-M autopilot system's failsafe protection will come to the rescue. Outputs of all command sticks on the controller will go the the center position and the Phantom 2 will return to home and land automatically. You can also program a one key go home function through the software.
- IOC mode allows for simple control of the Phantom no matter which way it is facing.
- Custom power management system monitors power capacity and voltage of the battery. If the power drops below safe levels, the Phantom 2 will land automatically. The power level of the battery is indicated via 4 LED's on the battery itself. Battery also snaps into place and has a built in on/off button.
- Dynamically balanced self tightening propellers allow for worry free movement during flight.

Item Packing

-H3-2D X 1

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