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DJI S1000 Standard version Octocopter aircraft

DJI S1000 Standard version Octocopter aircraft
Part No.: DJI-S1000S
Manufacturer: DUALSKY

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Spreading Wings S1000 Features

Safe And Stable
Portable Easy To Use
Sparkproof Plug
Professional Octocopter
Low Gimbal Mounting Position
Retractable landing gear
ZENMUSE Z15-5D Gimbal
New Damping Design
Innovative Frame Arm Design

The S1000’s V type mixer design provides large amounts of propulsion while improving power efficiency. Combined with a DJI flight controllers like the A2, it is guaranteed to remain stable even with the loss of a rotor. Integrated into the center frame is a power distribution system using our patented coaxial cable connector.

It is more efficient, reliable and easy to install and eliminates the need for soldering. All frame arms as well as the retractable landing gear are made from carbon fiber, ensuring light weight and high structural stability.

Product Details

-DJI S1000 Standard version 8 shaft aircraft

-Diagonal Wheelbase:1045mm
-Frame Arm Length:386mm
-Frame Arm Weight:(Including Motor, ESC, Propeller ) 325g
-Center Frame Diameter:337.5mm
-Center Frame Weight (With Landing Gear Mounting Base, Servos):1330g
-Landing Gear Size:460mm (Length) ×511mm (Width) ×305mm (Height), (Top width: 155 mm)
-Stator Size;41×14mm
-Max Power:500W
-Weight(With Cooling Fan):158g
-Working Current:40A
-Working Voltage:6S LiPo
-Signal Frequency:30Hz ~ 450Hz
-Drive PWM Frequency:8KHz
-Weight(With Radiators):35g

Item Packing

-DJI S1000 Standard version 8 shaft aircraft x 1

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