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DJI Spark Remote Controller – Part 4

DJI Spark Remote Controller – Part 4
Part No.: SPARK-14

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The DJI Spark Remote Controller allows you to control your DJI Spark Drone like an ordinary RC drone instead of solely using the Spark’s gesture controls. The Spark Remote Controller is capable of a maximum transmission range of about 1.2 miles. Please note, this range is not guaranteed and safe operation of the drone within line of sight should be followed. The Remote Controller allows Spark pilots to connect a mobile device or tablet wirelessly, allowing the user to have a live video feed on their device using the DJI GO 4 app. Underneath the remote are mobile device holder clamps that enable you to securely mount your phone beneath the controller for an ergonomic feel with the RC.

Product Details

DJI Spark Remote Controller Features
Maximum transmission range of 1.2 miles (2 km)
Compact design for easy mobility and transport
Folding mobile device holder clamps to secure your device beneath the remote controller
Battery life of approximately 2.5 hours

Item Packing

1XDJI Spark Remote Controller

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